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˙In 1997 I founded a group which began to create commercial programs on the Internet. Lot's of attempts were unsuccessful, as an Internet-project which brings success is a coming together of an idea, interactive work, nice realization in the programming and a light working design. We've divided all the Internet programs into two classes - "stars" and "black formats". "Stars" are programs which need advertising and then start working and are constantly increasing "Black formats" are projects which will never become "stars". No amount of advertising leads to visiting of them. The great majority of sites on the Internet are "black formats". The given project is a "star", which should be held not to be exploded, it's a hybrid of a nice financial pyramid, club of friends with the same goals and a generator of˙ traffic for internet-sites.˙
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I won't appeal to you to join the club, and it is good if you doubt. The structure and the rules are complex, and the process of playing is so varied, that we can't say for sure, what results the unlimited development may lead to. The creators of the club have a goal of creating an income, but they are well-to-do people so the main goal of the project is an experiment. Right after creation of the club and installation of it in the network, we noticed passwords on access to site files on the occasional combinations of numbers which we didn't save At the present moment "Noo club" is˙ independent from its creators project, which can be influenced only by switching-on and -off of the computer on which it is installed. We have avoided the human factor, just rules have remained and their realization and an opportunity to answer visitors' questions through a web-terminal. If you haven`t received a recomendation from your friend to enter the club (we don't give them), then just look our sites through, there's no other reason we can be useful to you :

PR-group Iskra, political advertising and promotion
Credit unit "Narodnyy Credit"
Financial company "Kohinor-finance"
Noo promotion centre, english version
Our design-studio

yours truly,
Credit union Board member of "Narodny Credit",
Head boarder of "Kohinor-finance",
Ukrainian grandmaster on chess,
USSR champion, world vice-champion,
Artur V. Frolov

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