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1.Members of the club and invitations, candidates and introducers.

1.1 If you've got Internet access an internet-link on our site from your friend - you can become a member of our club. The above-mentioned internet-link is a unique introducter's url-identifier which is followed by a member of our club for him to get into club head page and to augment his introducter rating.
1.2 The club head page is a web-page containing the application form for the candidates. There is no other way of getting into the club head page except using the introducter's unique url-identifier.
1.3 After finding ones self on the site head page a candidate in club members can fill the application form with his data. After that the system selects in a special way the one ( hereinafter referred to as "recipient') out of the active club members list to whom a new candidate transfers a calculative sum using webmoney , for his entering the club.
1.4 The payment is made once, and the sum is enough for the candidate membership to be activited (on his agreement and capability),and then a candidates becomes a full member.
1.5 Later on a member of the club gets onto recipients list, who receives money from a newly-entered member in the sum not higher than an entrance fee. In other words a new member of the club covers expenses for buying his membership as soon as the first payment appears on his webmoney account.

2. Candidate account activation.

2.1 Before paying an entrance fee (after filling an application form) a candidate gets information concerning the sum he has to pay. Then he has three variants:
2.1.1 A candidate can refuse to pay and to enter the club, without clicking the confirming button, and close the browser or the window.
2.1.2 A candidate can click on the button "Confirm", and start the process to make payment in recipient's purse, and later on he gets properties and makes payment. The payment must be made in a period of 10 days.
2.1.3 A candidate clicks on the button "Confirm", but doesn't make the payment. In this case the system puts his e-mail, ip address and details in the "black list" and exposes the sum including unmade payment as a penalty and a new payment on his second attempt to enter the club. The sum is proposed to be transfered on a new recipient account.
2.2 Having received the payment the recipient has to enter the site using any unique link (including his own), to make his own login and to confirm the payment by clicking on the button "Activate". In case the payment was not transfered by a candidate to recipient, he clicks on the button "No" and the candidate gets into a "black" list pointed in 2.1.3
2.3 The recipient`s interest in payment confirmation is obvious because when new candidates are activated by a new member in a pyramid (in one part) the sum of the needed payment increases in the upper recipient's benefit and the new sum is 1/64 more than his sum.
2.4 Candidate`s account activation term is unlimited. During this time candidate`s acount remains in the state of waiting. In this state a candidate may create other accounts with the same properties and do the procedure once again. That is the only way of having several accounts for one person. The active candidate can't have another account.
2.5 It should be noted that a recipient and the introducter are two different participants of the club. The last one is a participant whose link was used to enter the club and the first one is a participant to whom the payment is transfered.

3. The sum of an entrance fee. The sum of payment

3.1 The minimal sum of an entrance fee is 25 USD, when a candidate joins a recipient who doesn't have a part of the third sumbission in a pyramid. Entering the club of each candidate in the third part leads to increasing of sum the peceipient has to pay and is 1/64 more, in the fourth part it is 1/512 more etc. The biggest sum to pay is unlimited.It should be marked that joining of 64 new members in the third part leads not to doubling of the sum to pay (50 USD), and to an increasing of the sum.
3.2 New members' joining the pyramid influences the future payments in the profit of all the above-founded members, exepting the one under the lower member as 1/8.
3.3 Thus after paying the entrance fee he gets payments in the increasing amounts.
3.4 In some cases another way of paying but using webmoney is permitted.
3.5 Club counts on the members' ability to install clients suits "Webmoney KEEPER", through which the transfering of money is made as soon as it is possible.

4. Active members list. Ratings and chances to become a recipient.

4.1 Each active member gets a unique url-link on the club site, which he can give to his friends as a recomendation to enter the club.
4.2 he quality of new potential candidates and active members form the recomendator's rating. Each new active candidate adds to a recomendator 100 numbers of a rating, each potential candidate entering the club adds a recipient 1 number of a rating (but no more than 100 numbers for one activating).
4.3 The starting rating of a new member is 100 points.
4.4 The active members list, is a list of potential receipients when a new member enters the club.
4.5 When a new member enters the club the system selects the one out of the active members list and here the probability of the selection is directly proportional to the active member rating. In other words a participant with a rating of 500 will be chosen as a recipient 5 times more often than the one with a rating of 100.

5. Guarantees. Recommendations.

5.1 It's up to you whether to enter the club. The club is not responsible for his members and the third persons actions. Club members are not responsible for the program providing of the club. All types all relationships in the club are automised and formalised.
5.2 Club members mustn't tell about the mechanism of the club to those who can't enter the club, or are going to enter with a purpose contradicting to the goals of the club.
5.3 The club recommends to give true-to-life data when filling the application form, as not only the hole information ( including the financially important will go on e-mail -ail,but in future financial institutions will propose to the club members other perspectives of increasing of their capital.
5.4 The club member can't be ever excluded out of the club.
5.5 The most cruel punishment is deprivation of a unique link. The punishment will be done in case of a widely repeated spam.
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