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A great deal of questions you ask are easy to answer.We ask those who know the answers to help those who don't.

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Let you describe the program tool the programmers of Gold Club design for members?
Gold Club support design special C++ tool for members. This program will use massive members possibilities to earn money, to play on the world financial markets as a joined player, for defense etc. The administration of the club waiting for 6,000 members to improve this project. See the sample of the tool click here.

Is it right to assume that the entrance fee should be payed only once and then one can receive funds?
Almost right.One should not just pay the entrance fee, but also to achieve activation of his membership to full member status. And it is highly possible that you won't succeed from the first attempt. Though no one can prevent a candidate from setting contacts with full members of the club and control the process of his activation.

What if a receipient (payment receiver) refuses to activate his account?
(First), a receipient is interested in growing  the matrix "under himself". (Second),activation term is unlimited, example: one can get an activation at any moment after an on-time payment. (Third),one has a chance to become a member of the club a few times, in this case one member will have several accounts.

What is a goal of the club?
Personal enrichment of its members, consolidation of the members' capital for the realization of commercial projects.

Is there a limit on the Club expansion?
The population of the Earth is 6.2 billion people,and all of them can become members of our club.The entrance fee is not high, terms are generous. prosperity for several years is obtainable.

Is Gold Club international organization?
Yes, welcome Worldwide! The main partner is USA company:

SimonTech LLC
432 Sugarland Run Drive.
Sterling, VA 20164

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